The Heath Team Mortgage Guidance System

Find Your Home Loan with Our Mortgage Guidance System

Your monthly update will be an easy to read and understand electronic digest with:

  • Actionable Advice Regarding your Current Home and Equity
  • The Power of Additional Principle Payments and Refinancing Options 
  • Market Analysis on Cashflow if you Converted your Home to an Investment property
  • Purchase Power of Second Home or Upgrading to a Bigger Home Using your Current Equity

Receive your own personalized web page which constantly monitors your home value and market conditions to optimize every home finance decision for building your long term wealth.  It is specific to your current home and updated every month–and NEVER a charge for the service. If you ever disagree with automated valuation models, we have a team of professionals ready to jump in and provide an even more thorough and detailed report.  This is a FREE service offered by the Heath Team, using the technology of Homebot,  and is available to all home owners.  Our hope is you will find value and consider us for future business.

What's Your Home Value?

Tom Heath - Senior Loan Officer with Nova Home Loans
Tom Heath - Senior Loan Officer with Nova Home Loans

Find out the value of your home and how to use your equity to live the life of your dreams.