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Welcome to Life Along The Streetcar

Founded in 2017, Life Along the Streetcar’s mission is to facilitate a community conversation about the redevelopment of Tucson’s urban core. Focusing on social, cultural, & economic events impacting those who live, work and play in Tucson’s urban core. Listen to us on 99.1 FM.

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Love Where You Live

Love Where You Live
This week we discuss a woman's quest to explore Tucson and the movement she ended up creating. Each and every Sunday our focus is on...

Big Boy and Big Murals

Big Boy and Big Murals
This week we discuss how an artist plans a mural to be painted by the community as part of United Way's Days of Caring. Each...

Shining the Bright Light

Shining The Bright Light
This week we talk to actor, writer and producer Dan Guerrero about his upcoming screening at Tucson Film Fest. Each and every Sunday our focus...

Ways of Caring

Ways of Caring
This week we discuss the healing power of pets and a second Saturday event to get you more acquainted with Pet Partners.. Each and every...

How Will Mayor Rothschild Transition from Public to Private Life?

Transitions From Public to Private Life
This week we discuss 8 years in the life of a Mayor and what's next for, soon to be, private citizen Jonathan Rothschild. Each and...

Chaos In The Schuniverse

Chaos In The Schuniverse
This week we have in studio John Shuster, host of the Schuniverse here on Downtown Radio and a former media writer for the Tucson...


Reminiscing on Life Along the Streetcar with Tom Heath
This week we discuss the host of this show- me- and my recent appearance on the Creative City Show with Zach Yentzer. Each and every...

CoWork CoLab CoMMunity

CoWork CoLab CoMMunity
This week we discuss the rise of Co-working Spaces in downtown and what it means for innovation, entrepreneurship and the future of Tucson Each and...

244 Years Young, Tucson is Just Getting Started

244 Years Young Tucson is Just Getting Started
This week we discuss a Chinese grocery empire in Tucson and how they thrived in the heart of Barrio Viejo. Each and every Sunday our...

The Future Is Built On The Past

The Future is Built on Top of Our Past
This week we discuss one of Tucson's newest neighborhoods which sits a few above our oldest.

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