Wendy McGee- Team Processor

Wendy McGee - Team Processor
Wendy McGee - Team Processor

Wendy brings 30 years of mortgage industry knowledge to the team.  She’s been instrumental in helping thousands of Tucson homeowners achieve their part of the American Dream.   At age 10, Wendy thought she would grow up to be an attorney.  While that didn’t happen (yet), she spends her day in defense of the Heath Team’s clients as they face the dreaded underwriting decision. Ultimately, the process is much less painful and, some would even say, enjoyable because Wendy is an expert at putting the pieces of the loan puzzle together.

She’s usually in the office by 7:15 and working hard all day to ensure a smooth transaction for everyone in her care.   When not working, she loves hanging at her pool, spending time with her husband and those adorable grandbabies—-we can’t forget those little fur babies either.

Personally, she supports several causes who help families and veterans.   She lives by her personal credo “Be on your guard, stand firm in the faith, be courageous and be strong- do all of this with love in your heart”

We are fortunate to have Wendy on the Heath Team.